Industrial Painting Sydney

Our industrial painting service caters to all clients who are in need of protective coatings against harsh chemical, environmental, or physical impact. Here at A Grade Painters, we collect all the necessary information and utilise all data sheets to undertake a resilient, compliant paint job and provide high performance and durable coating.

Industrial sites are frequently exposed to unique elements that can cause paint to chip and stain easily. Not to mention, many industrial buildings use different construction techniques that require specialised paint or priming methods in order to ensure the paint will last, thus protecting the substrate.

Our objectives are to provide protective coatings to achieve utmost resilience in different industrial environments while creating the appearance our customers desire.

As a reliable and trusted industrial painting contractor in Sydney, we are able to carry out regular maintenance of painted surfaces at your premises and can establish a maintenance plan that meets both your needs and your budget. So give us a call to discuss your project today.